Hotel booking:

I've been traveling much cheaper in the past year thanks to and my plan for the next few years is to reach the point where I can travel completely free of charge while booking the accommodation through this site. If you think I'm crazy, read on! I've been using it for quite a long time... Continue Reading →

A few reasons on why Airbnb is one of my favorite sites for looking for accommodation is my next favorite thing after Couchsurfing, when I am looking for something more personal than a hostel or a hotel. Airbnb allows people to rent their homes to other travelers, so you can either use it to rent your spare apartment or a room, or to look for accommodation in your travel destination.... Continue Reading →

Budget traveling: Couchsurfing

If you have never heard about the concept couchsurfing before, it will probably sound weird to you. However, if you are looking for unforgettable non-touristic experiences, meeting amazing people and are traveling on a low budget, I can’t recommend it more. is a world-wide network of travelers, which allows you to do any (or... Continue Reading →

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