My favorite spots in Vilnius


Coffee 1. Pilies g. 42.
A tiny somewhat hidden cafeteria. Amazing coffees, and you can spend a long relaxing time reading in their window seat with a comfortable sofa and cushions. A very pleasant atmosphere and great music.


Small Talk. Stulginskio g. 2.
A really cozy, very nicely decorated cafeteria, where you can have a homemade sandwich and a cup of good coffee. A little more expensive than the average cafes in Vilnius, but really worth it. The staff is really pleasant, as well as the music. Choose your corner, open your book and.. see you in an hour! A place to come back to (and I definitely did).

Chaika. Totorių g. 7.
One of my favorite tiny spots in Vilnius. Original colorful decorations, a nice selection of coffees and teas (you should not miss their green tea with fried rice and milk) and tasty vegan deserts. The armchairs in the inner room are perfect for a quiet and relaxing break.

Second Cup. Gedimino pr. 26.
A Starbucks style café. Perfect for an early morning coffee. Not too many breakfast options, if as me, you are not up for something sweet (although if you are, their cakes are pretty good). The mozzarella and tomato sandwich was my favorite option.


Habit. Gedimino pr. 32A.
If you are looking for a creative restaurant in the city center at prices that are not astronomical, try Habit. The food is amazing, the flavors are surprising, and although for Lithuanian visitors it’s an expensive and posh place, it’s really quite accessible by European standards (the most expensive dish on the menu was 24€). Go for their roof terrace – the view on a sunny day is really worth it.

Meat Lovers Pub. Šv. Ignoto g. 14.
A small and originally decorated restaurant in the Old Town which, as its name indicates, specializes in meats. The prices are very reasonable and their dishes are creative and tasty. They also have a daily menu that is served fast and is cheaper.

Debut cafe. Jogailos g. 8.
If you are traveling on a low budget, don’t miss Debut cafe. The place is cozy, the rations are big and fulfilling and the prices are almost ridiculous if you compare them to the European average. They have daily lunch options that change every day and are served very fast due to short lunch breaks office workers have.

Pinavija Bakery. Vilniaus 21 g.
It was rated as number 3 in Trip Advisor when I visited it, and mostly for their great choice of traditional cakes and pastries. You must give their “kibinai” (traditional tatar pies with various stuffings) a try, and, even though the place is famous as a bakery, you can’t miss their ecological egg breakfasts. You won’t regret it, I guarantee.


Snekutis. Polocko g. 7A.
A perfect pub for tasting local craft beers (and they are oh so good you won’t want to leave) and having a big portion of “cepelinai” or other traditional Lithuanian dishes for a very reasonable price in Užupis, the bohemian neighborhood of Vilnius. A place has a pleasant terrace in the yard with traditional wooden tables and benches. Remember that you have to go inside to make your order. And now that you are in, ask the barman to recommend a beer for you and spend a pleasant moment chatting about different beers and, of course, tasting them until you make up your mind. A MUST.

Leičiai. Stiklių g. 4.
Leičiai is a craft beer pub where you can also try traditional Lithuanian dishes with a creative twist. However, what you shouldn’t miss is their beers, and especially the selection of 6 different craft beers for a ridiculous price of 6 Euro (at least that’s what it cost when I visited it this summer). You should also try their selection of traditional Lithuanian snacks which is just perfect with your beers. If you are hungrier than that, their meat and poultry dishes are also great, and the place is famous for the best “cepelinai” in town – you must try them, so why not do it here?



Eureka bookstore. Universiteto g. 10.
Although it opened 13 years ago, I have only discovered it now and really wished I had discovered it years ago. This little cozy bookstore has the best quality English book collection I’ve ever seen, not only Lithuania, but anywhere at all. I warn you – you will not want to leave, and when you do, you’ll have less money in your pocket, but you will for sure feel richer. Don’t miss a chance to have an interesting chat with the family who owns the place.

Mint Vinetu. Šv. Ignoto g. 16.
If you like to be surrounded by books and music instruments, this place is for you. It’s a second-hand bookstore (they also have quite a few books in other languages than Lithuanian) and you can also take a seat in of their hidden corners and have a coffee or a tea, while checking out what they have in their shelves. The book choice is quite eclectic and I couldn’t find anything I would like to buy myself, but the environment is really worth the visit.

Keistoteka bookstore. Paupio g. 2.
I’m so sad that I only had a few minutes to dedicate to this cozy and extraordinary bookstore. Located in Užupis, the bohemian neighborhood of Vilnius, this second-hand bookstore is famous not only for its books, but also for it’s most remarkable inhabitant – the big cat called Ponulis (it means “little mister” in Lithuanian). And it sure is the mister of the place, sleeping on a pile of books, Ponulis really feels at home and will make you feel at home as well while you browse through the books.


Antakalnis Cemetery. Karių kapų g. 11.
You may think it’s a weird place to visit, but it’s definitely worth it, not only because many famous Lithuanians – actors, composers, musicians, writers, politicians, etc – are burried there, but because of its unique scenery. The cemetery is hidden among the trees (actually some parts of it have become a forest) on various hills, which gives it a unique and eerie atmosphere. I would recommend you to visit it at sunset. Do not miss the graves of Polish soldiers and those of the 14 Lithuanians who lost their lives when defending our independence on 13th of January of 1991.

You can also venture out of the cemetery following a path in the forest, and you will eventually discover that you are still walking through the cemetery and you will spot some graves hidden among the trees.


Cat Cafe KaciU Kavine. Jasinskio g. 1.
If you love cat cafes, you’ll absolutely love this place. I ended up stuck there for hours several days in a row, as I had a good book in my hands, and what else does one need apart from a good book, food, wine and CATS? The place is a restaurant, so you can have a tasty lunch at a very reasonable price or drink a glass of wine, while watching the cats who roam around freely in the space. I liked the fact that everybody has to put on plastic overshoes when entering the space and wash their hands before accessing the restaurant. The 15 cats who are the main inhabitants of KaciU Kavine (they are not for adoption and the place is their home) also have a private space where they can escape the attention of people when they want to. You will see though that most of the time they choose to be in the public space, enjoying the attention they receive. Loved the place, absolutely recommended!


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