Hotel booking:

I’ve been traveling much cheaper in the past year thanks to and my plan for the next few years is to reach the point where I can travel completely free of charge while booking the accommodation through this site. If you think I’m crazy, read on!

I’ve been using it for quite a long time already and these are the main things why I like it so much.

The price. I’ve been able to book rooms a lot cheaper than in other sites (sometimes even more than 50%), especially as compared to MyPrivateTravel requires you to log in to their site in order to be able to search for hotels, so you can find discounts that are not available in other sites that are public a lot of times.

– Each booking earns you a 3% that you can redeem in your next bookings, which reduces the price even more.

– And my favorite thing of all – the site has a referral system, so if you recommend it to friends and then they book hotels through the site, you get 3% of whatever they spend, which you can also redeem in your next bookings. Thanks to this particular feature (and plus the 3% I earn from my own bookings) I am traveling much cheaper already and I look forward to traveling for free one day.

Even if you decide not to use my referral ink above to sign up for this site, I still recommend MyPrivateTravel as a great way to book hotels around the world! It’s been a life saver a lot of times. Enjoy your trips!


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  1. Hi Giedre! I ran across your comment on my private travel, and I was wondering if you had noticed a change in their pricing over the last few months? I have been using them for years, and in the last few months their prices have been extremely inflated (like 2-3 times what is). Was just wondering if you are experiencing this also? I am really discouraged, because I have come to rely on them!

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    1. Hi Sydney! Thank you so much for your comment and feedback. I haven’t noticed that, but it’s true that the last booking I have made through them was a few months ago, as I had a knee injury and was obliged to stop traveling for some time. I’ll have a look these days and will let you know. Were you using only this site or yeego as well? It’s from the same owners and I usually compare the prices there as well, as sometimes they are better in one, and sometimes in the other.


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