Rome in a weekend

Totally accidentally we booked our tickets to Rome on the first weekend of the month, without knowing that on the first Sunday of the month all museums in Rome are free, or – as was the case with Vatican – they do not open for public at all. Perfect timing if you are traveling on... Continue Reading →

A few reasons on why Airbnb is one of my favorite sites for looking for accommodation is my next favorite thing after Couchsurfing, when I am looking for something more personal than a hostel or a hotel. Airbnb allows people to rent their homes to other travelers, so you can either use it to rent your spare apartment or a room, or to look for accommodation in your travel destination.... Continue Reading →

Budget traveling: Couchsurfing

If you have never heard about the concept couchsurfing before, it will probably sound weird to you. However, if you are looking for unforgettable non-touristic experiences, meeting amazing people and are traveling on a low budget, I can’t recommend it more. is a world-wide network of travelers, which allows you to do any (or... Continue Reading →

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